Cathey’s Immune Boosting Tips

If you read my site you know that I believe the only way to Ageless Beauty is via Ageless Health.

A year and a half ago, I went into deep and far reaching health research because my husband was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer that had already spread outside the prostate. The good news is that he is cancer free today. He did not do surgery, radiation, chemo or hormone therapy.

I have had so many people ask me what we did exactly that I have decided to share it here for anyone who wants to utilize my immune boosting tips.

Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor. This information is for informational purposes only and is not meant to treat, cure, or diagnose. This information has not been reviewed by the FDA.

For my long time readers, you will recognize many things in this protocol because I have already written about them. For those who are new to the site, I have included links.

The amounts listed are for someone who wants to recover from a chronic or serious illness. I have also listed the amounts that I personally use to prevent aging. As always consult your physician or natureopath doctor before starting any of these protocols.

There was one big, huge, glaring, life and death situation that every single doctor, surgeon, urologist and natureopath missed.

  • I believe this is the straw that broke my husband’s immune system, which in turn allowed the cancer to take hold and spread. I also believe that this is the reason it took so long for him to get rid of the cancer. Once this was taken care of, his body healed in just 2 months.
  • My husband had a root canal that was so infected that it had eaten a hole the size of a quarter up into his sinuses and was draining infection back down into his body. The surgeon said this severe infection had been going on for at least a year or two. Keep in mind there are no nerves left after a root canal, therefore you feel no pain. So please if you have any root canals, go get them checked ASAP.
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There are many diets to follow but after much research and talking to many natureopathic doctors, we chose the Eat Right For Your Blood Type diet. We are both type O which needs meat. You need to research and choose a Cancer Diet that is right for you.

The diet consists of:

  • NO GMOS (read Significant Inflammatory Response to Genetically Engineered Foods)
  • No grains
  • No sugar
  • No soy
  • No alcohol
  • No canola oil
  • No processed food
  • Organic vegetables
  • Organic grass fed meat, lamb, chicken
  • Wild Salmon
  • Organic berries but no other fruits
  • No peanut butter (80% of all peanut butter has fungus, even if it is organic)
  • Raw walnuts, pecans, brazil nuts, macadamia and almonds
  • Lots of fresh chopped herbs on everything possible
  • 1/4 cup of cilantro in salads every day (cilantro is a fantastic heavy metal detoxer)
  • 1″ of fresh ginger put in smoothies every day
  • Grated lemon rind of 1 lemon put in smoothies every day

Drink 1/2 your weight in ounces every day of pure Reverse Osmosis or Distilled, or Spring Water day.

*Water is crucial for the body to function at optimal levels and to flush out toxins.  The best way to hydrate the body is to drink several sips every 15 minutes.  Guzzling an entire glass of water at once causes the water to go straight to the kidneys .  Avoid drinking water while eating, this dilutes the hydrochloric acid in the stomach necessary to properly digest the food.

Stop putting toxins on your skin and body

  • Shampoos
  • Body Lotion
  • Deodorant
  • Skin care
  • Make up
  • Soaps
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Sunscreen

If you don’t recognize an ingredient in the ingredient list, don’t use that product. Find a non-toxic alternative.



Organic Sulfur



  • Protandim is an all natural supplement based on auryevedic herbs that have been clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days. Oxidative stress causes inflammation. Chronic inflammation can weaken the immune system. Protandim also causes the body to produce 300% more glutathione, the master antioxidant of the body which detoxes the cells.
  • This product is sold via network marketing. You do not have to become a distributor, you will never be contacted, etc. You can be a consumer like we are. You do get a price break ($40 a bottle instead of $50) if you sign up for auto-shipping, which you can cancel at any time.
  • To order go to
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  • Take 1 pill, 4 – 6 times a day. (Start out at 1 pill, 2 times a day, and work up.)
  • For anti aging purpose take 1 pill per day.

Lipospheric Vitamin C

Herbal Aloe Force

  • Herbal Aloe Force will also fortify cell membranes, which will increase resistance to infection and it improves cellular metabolism which enhances energy levels.
  • Herbal Aloe Force is a powerful immune booster. It attacks free radicals while oxygenating the blood, which nourishes your skin. It also kills viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungus.
  • All of the nutrients in Herbal Aloe Force survive the digestive process and are absorbed directly into the blood. This is crucial for effectiveness. Most people do not realize the many factors that can inhibit nutritional absorption from food, i.e. aging, I.B.S. or cancer.
  • You can buy Herbal Aloe Force in most Whole Foods stores, but you get a much better deal on
  • Work up to 2 cap fulls twice a day
  • For anti aging purposes take 1 cap full a day
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  • Almost everyone is deplete of minerals, especially those who have cancer.
  • Minerals are vital for recovery
  • Alpha Trace Minerals is the brand I now recommend.
  • Read The Real Fountain of Youth
  • Click here to order
  • Take 1 dropperful in 1/4 cup of pure water 2 – 4 times per day.
  • For anti aging purposes take 1 dropperful in 1/4 cup of pure water 1 – 2 times per day.

Bovine Colostrum

  • Two health consultants in the same week told me that Colostrum is a must for anyone recovering from a serious illness. One of them is world famous Denie Hiestand.

E3 Live

  • One of the most nutritious super foods on the planet. It is a liquid living blue green algae that is flash frozen.
  • It has significantly more chlorophyl than wheat grass. Chlorophyl oxygenates the blood. Cancer can not live in an oxygenated system.
  • You can get it at some Whole Food stores but you get 20% off when you order online.
  • To read more info: E3Live Superfood of all Superfoods
  • To order E3Live: click here
  • Work up to 1/4 cup twice a day. (Start at 1 Tablespoon, twice a day.)
  • For Anti Aging purposes take 2 Tablespoons twice a day.

Barley Power (this is a newly added update)

  • This is Barley Grass in a tablet form that has been grown and processed to maintain all the nutrition and all 3,000 enzymes. (Almost every health issues can be traced back to a lack of enzymes)
  • We did not know about this product when my husband had cancer, I just recently discovered the amazing benefits of Barley Power in Bill Henderson’s book Cancer-Free, one of the most comprehensive, in depth researched books I have read on curing cancer.
  • The testimonies of people being cured, yes cured, from just taking Barley Grass has convinced me to put my entire family on this. It not only has all 3,000 enzymes the body needs to function properly, it is also full of nutrition, vitamins and minerals.
  • Cancer patients take 7 tablets 15 minutes before each meal.
  • For Anti Aging purposes take 4-5 tablets before 2 meals.
  • If you order online you pay the retail price. If you call the company, you can get the cancer discount or order 6 bottles at a time to get the discount. Barley Power is the single most powerful inexpensive bang for your healing buck.
  • To order online go to To get the discount call the company @ (800) 358-0777
  • To read about enzymes go to The True Beauty of Enzymes


  • This is a specific strain of cats claw that removes the hard shell around cancer so the immune system can recognize the cancer and get rid of it. Also makes chemo more effective. Take 2 pills 30 minutes before each meal. Or you can buy the drops and do 3 dropper fulls in 1/4 cup of alkaline or spring water 30 minutes before each meal.
  • Not needed for anti aging purposes
  • This was one of my most amazing discoveries. You MUST read The Samento Phenomenom.

Good Probiotic

  • We use a brand called Custom Probiotic.
  • Your immune system is centered in the gut, and if you have ever used antibiotics, been exposed to radiation via xrays or radiation, your friendly bacteria have been eradicated, your immune system is weakened. You must replace the friendly bacteria levels, if your friendly bacteria is off and your immune system is weak.
  • Take 1 probiotic in the morning and one at night for the first 30 days to replenish, and then after that once a day, same applies for Anti Aging Purposes.

Black Cumin Seed Oil

  • Must be cold pressed, organic, from Nigella Sativa.
  • We use Amazing Herbs Black Cumin Seed Oil
  • Take 3 teaspoons twice a day. (start out at 1 teaspoon 3 x a day)
  • For Anti Aging purposes take 1 teaspoon per day.
  • Black Cumin Seed Oil boosts the immune system by 70%
  • The prophet Mohammad said that “Black Cumin Seed can cure everything but death itself.”
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Liquid Fish Oil

  • Do not waste your time taking gel caps.
  • 1 teaspoon of liquid fish oil is equal to 7 – 10 gel gaps.
  • This will give you your Omega 3 essential fatty acids. In fact Denie Hiestand, world famous healer says that everything you eat needs to be able to convert into an essential fatty acid. This oxygenates the cells.
    We use Carlson’s Orange Flavored Fish Oil. You can get at whole foods or order on amazon.
  • Take 1 -2 teaspoons in the morning and again in the evening, same for Anti Aging purposes.

Pancreatic Enzymes

  • We buy from They are called Imupan.
  • Take 1 with each meal, and then 3 about an hour or so after each meal, that’s 12 per day.
  • For Anti Aging purposes only the Barley Power is needed.
  • Enzymes make sure that every bit of protein is digested (this is a big problem in America, we do not eat enough raw foods therefore we don’t have enough enzymes to properly digest protein and it becomes putried and can cause cancer)
  • Enyzmes will also help dissolve the hard casing around the cancer cells, which in turn allows the immune system to recognize the cancer cell and kill it.

Pau D’arco Tea

  • You must purchase from The Taheebo Tea Club (818) 610 8088
  • This is the only pau d’arco tea that I know is 100% pure.
  • Drink 8 cups a day.
  • For Anti Aging Purposes drink 2 – 3 cups per day.
  • Make with alkaline water or Spring Water. Do not make in Aluminum pot, only stainless steel. Drink from only stainless steel or glass.
  • This tea is from the only tree in the world that does not get fungus, therefore this tea has something in it that gets rid of fungus.
  • Many alternative doctors believe that cancer is a form of fungus.
  • This tea also increases red blood cell production which in turn creates more oxygen in the blood.
  • Cancer can not live in an oxygenated system.
  • This will also nourish your skin, giving you a more youthful look.
  • John Hopkins and The Mayo Clinic have correlated fungus with cancer.
  • Read Healing Tea Creates Youthful Skin

Dandelion Root

Detox a minimum of 5 days a week. You must get the toxins out to heal the body

Infrared Sauna

  • Sit in it for 1 hour a day.
  • Take a shower immediately to rinse toxins off body.
  • The infrared penetrates the body and has the same effect a fever does. A fever will kill cancer cells, but not healthy cells. Many hospitals use this for cancer treatment. After much research, I bought one from West Coast It has a life time warranty.
  • If you decide to get another brand, just compare to this one so that it has the same elements.


Bio Mat


If you choose not to get a sauna or Bio Mat you can do Epsom Salt Baths to detox. Pour 4 cups into tub as hot and deep as you can. Before you get in, brush your skin with a dry brush in strokes going towards the heart, paying special attention to the lymph areas behind the knees, at the groin, arm pits and neck. This stimulates the lymphatic sytsem to release toxins….you then sit in the hot Epsom tub for 20 – 30 minutes… then take a shower to rinse all the toxins away.


Electrically Tuned Rebounder

Jumping or rebounding is the only exercise that stimulates your entire lymphatic system to release toxins. All the alternative doctors recommend you jump for 20 minutes twice a day. (doing it right before the Epsom salt bath, or Infrared Sauna or Bio Matt is fantastic)

The absolute best one to get is the Electrically Tuned Rebounder



Consult first with your doctor. Everyone’s needs are different. You can not possibly know what your body is deficient in until you get blood work done to get all your nutritional levels and hormone levels tested. I have been told that most cancer patients are deficient in Vitamin D, have adrenal and thyroid issues as well as other hormone imbalances.

  • Tumeric
  • Milk Thistle
  • Carlson E-Gems Elite
  • Carlsons E-Gems Plus
  • Carlson Tocotrienols
  • Modified Citrus Pectin
  • Vitamin D 3
  • Phosadyl



  • This is has been my #1 resource


My biggest advice. Take 100% responsibility for your health. You must do your own research. Please do not take my word for it, verify, research, dig deep, and then make your own educated decisions.

Monitor your progress regularly, every 1, 2 or 3 months. If the protocols are not working, look for something stronger or different, and by all means, consult a professional.


Keep in mind that it takes years for cancer to develop and it takes years to completely heal the body. This is the biggest mistake most people make. Once they are cured, they go back to the lifestyle that created the cancer in the first place and then the cancer comes back.

Health is everything, without it nothing else matters. Please feel free to share this info with anyone who is looking to get well. No matter what cancer curing protocol or treatment plan you are on, boosting the immune system always makes a huge difference.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave in the comment section below.

Please know that I share this information in the hopes that you will not only know that it is possible to heal the body without harming it, but that you will not have to spend as much time gathering this powerful information as I did.