Bounce Your Way to Health

About 5 years ago I decided a trampoline would be the perfect Christmas gift for my kids. I was just as excited to get a trampoline as they were. My kids loved that their Mom loved to jump. Anytime I got on the trampoline the kids were not far behind and it became a perfect way to spend time together.

Little did they know that my gift had an ulterior health benefitting agenda. You see jumping on a trampoline whether it is the big backyard kind, or the little rebounder you pull out from underneath your bed, has major health benefits that you may not know about.

It is the ONLY exercise that stimulates your entire lymphatic system to release toxins.

It is the ONLY exercise that strengthens, cleanses and tones every cell in your body.

I know that when an alternative healer is working with a new client, no matter what the health issue is, the first thing they do is start them on a detoxing diet and they must jump on a trampoline or rebounder for 20 minutes twice a day. This gets their lymphatic system working and releasing the toxins that have poisoned their bodies.

I have personally seen amazing results. A friend in his 40’s had had 9 strokes in a short amount of time. The medical community told him his arteries to his brain were clogged and there was nothing they could do and told him to go home and he would most likely die of a stroke.

It took about 9 weeks following the alternative plan, pure, clean diet and jumping. He went back for an MRI and as you can probably guess, the arteries to the brain were no longer clogged!

There are four types of bounce exercises you can do.

The Health Bounce – Stand on the trampoline/rebounder with your feet shoulder width apart. You gently bounce not letting your feet ever leave the matt. This will fully flush the lymphatic system, which will in turn boost your immune system.

The Strength Bounce – This involves jumping as high as you can, which will increase your strength because the cells are under the highest amount of gravitational pull. You get stronger by becoming more efficient at opposing gravity. This will also fully flush the lymphatic system, which in turn boosts your immune system.

The Aerobic Bounce – You can jog, run or sprint in place or do jumping jacks. This will burn even more calories and because rebounding is low impact your joints are protected and strengthened. This will also flush the lymphatic system, and is very nourishing to the cells

The Sitting Bounce – This is great for the disabled who are not able to stand. This is enough to flush the lymphatic system, boost the immune system, increase circulation and oxygenate the entire body.

Best of all just about every person can jump. If you are older and not as agile, then get the small rebounder that has a handle bar or do the Sitting Bounce.

There is also a Learning Bounce. When my son needed to learn his time tables, we would get on the trampoline and jump together while I drilled him. It worked like a dream and was fun to boot.

I love bouncing. I find it so easy and stress free that I also use it as my time to meditate. I focus on my breathing. I breathe in through my nose on the way up and out through my mouth with a Ha sound on the way down.

If you bounce outside you get the added benefit of Vitamin D from the sunlight.

Another added benefit to getting rid of toxins, increasing circulation and oxygenating the body is beautiful skin.

Go ahead, have fun and bounce your way to health!

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