Bible for Radiant Beauty

We all love the idea of the miracle beauty product or the beauty procedure that promises instant results. While there are some pretty amazing products out there, true radiant beauty begins with the foods we put in our body.

You may get away with this if you are in your 20’s but once you hit your mid 30’s the race is on to stop the downward decline not just in your ageless beauty looks, but the future of your long term health.

The Beauty Detox Solution

I have been a follower of Kimberly Snyder’s The Beauty Detox Solution” for quite a while.

Kimberly does an excellent job of engaging and educating the reader on the science behind why the foods we eat are the ultimate secret to health and beauty. I always say if you know the why, then you are more likely to make a change.

Many people can identify with Kimberly Snyder. Long before she became a famous clinical nutritionist with a huge celebrity following she struggled with her own health.

Kimberly Snyder Before and AfterIn her 20’s Kimberly’s SAD (Standard American Diet) included drinking coffee and diet cokes for energy which created dull skin, zits, and an extra 30 lbs. She reached out to a holistic nutritionist and never looked back.

I love her True Beauty Story sections where she shares the amazing health and beauty transformation of every day people. In fact I am a member of one of Kimberly’s “invitation only” forums that has 10,000 members. I love being a part of this group. These woman are not only committed to this lifestyle because it creates amazing results, they are also committed to sharing their tips and encouraging others. There was a 52 year old woman who got on the program and posted a picture of herself. She got tons of congratulatory comments. She said she felt amazing and I can tell you she looked amazing. She now has a body that any woman at any age would be thrilled to have and everyone in the forum was so happy for her.

The Beauty Detox Solution has it all. Delicious recipes, in depth nutritional information and step by step phases to get you started are what make this book a Bible for Radiant Beauty.

Kymberly Snyder

One of Kimberly’s Every Day Beauty Basic is her famous Glowing Green Smoothie. So easy anyone can make it and a perfect way to make sure you start your day with an abundance of beauty foods.

She also covers some very interesting topics such as:

  • Vegetarian Doesn’t Always Equal Perfect Health
    Get Your Dream Hair
    Eat Delicious Desserts That Won’t Set You Back
    Grazing Accelerates Aging
    The Cleaner the Body the Clearer the Mind
    You Don’t Have to Be Perfect All the Time

If you are interested in how to become your most beautiful, energetic, healthy and happy self, The Beauty Detox Solution is the road map that will get you there.