Being Adventurous Keeps You Young

I love observing life. I am constantly asking:

  • What makes a person happy?
  • What makes a person youthful?
  • What makes a person beautiful?
  • What makes a person content and fulfilled?

I think all these things come from within.

As I wrote in The Secret to Ageless Beauty, you must practice

The Art of Self Care.

Part of the Art of Self Care is creating adventure in your life.

I am not necessarily talking about climbing Mount Everest or jumping out of a plane.

Explore authentic self

I am talking about exploring your authentic self, your creative side, in some small or big way.

Maybe you have always wanted to learn to tap dance, or paint a portrait or write a book.

Maybe this suggestion will nudge you out the door and on your way.

One of the best things I ever did was to step out of my comfort zone, and do something just for me.


Minda Burr writing class

I signed up for

Minda Burr’s “Writing with Eeeeeze”
12 Week Writing Workshop & Master Mind Group.

Really and truly if it wasn’t for this exceptional experience, The Ageless Beauty Report might have never happened.

This class gave me the tools, the support, and the confidence to create The Ageless Beauty Report into what it is today. I so appreciate what a difference this one class has made in my life.

If you live in the Los Angeles area and would love a fun, safe, and inspiring way to awaken your creative writing talents, whether it be to

  • write a novel
  • a short story
  • a memoir
  • a one person show
  • a screenplay
  • a blog
  • a self help book

I urge you to click on the link below and watch the video.

You will get an idea of what Minda is all about and the high quality of people involved. Be sure to scroll down after you watch the video for more info and details.

Keep in mind you do not have to have professional writing experience.

Minda Burr Presents “Writing with Eeeeeeeze”
12 Week Writing Workshop & Mastermind Group


I urge every Ageless Beauty wannabe to be adventurous.

Take the time to explore your authentic self, your creative side. Take the time to take a class that intrigues you, inspires you or even makes you step out of your comfort zone.

  • cooking
  • dancing
  • art
  • music
  • photography
  • gardening
  • interior decorating
  • writing

Getting in touch with your authentic self will create more joy in your life. A happy person is more youthful and always beautiful.

What type of class would you like to take? Please leave your comments below to share your thoughts and ideas!