Beauty Food Delivered to Your Door

Bright and early, I’m talking 6am early, every Wednesday there is a beautiful gift waiting on my doorstep. I am always excited to open the door, grab my box , and discover the beauty it beholds.

Farm Box

Ok, maybe I am going a little overboard, but really, I absolutely love getting my box of Organic Farm Fresh To You fruits and veggies every week.

Farm Fresh to You

Each vegetable and fruit is near picture perfect in the freshest conditions imaginable. This is because everything comes straight from the farm, no traveling across country, or being handled several times.

Sometimes it’s the little pleasures in life that remind me that life is indeed supposed to be fun and beautiful, at least that is my mantra.

I think of my box of fruits and veggies as nourishment and adventure.

Nourishment because I know that ageless beauty begins with the food we put in our bodies. Adventure because sometimes I receive things that I would normally not buy, like fennel or bok choy.

Farm Fresh to You even provides a sheet with nutritional information and recipes for some of the goodies in your box.

When you learn exactly what a fruit or veggie can do for you, you are more inspired to eat it.


For instance fennel is almost always in my fridge now because I learned that fennel is:

  • Natural remedy for anemia, due to being rich in iron and histidine, which increases the production of hemoglobin
  • Cancer preventative due to high Vitamin C content
    Balances intestinal flora due to essential oil content
    Relieves constipation due to high fiber content
    Diuretic property of fennel removes toxins, reducing inflammation
    Reduces flatulence by balancing the digestive flora
    Strengthens hair and reduces hair loss due to sulphur content
    Reduces high blood pressure due to high potassium content
    Relieves indigestion by increasing secretion of digestive juices

I now add the fennel bulb and greens to my juicing regimen. I also chop up the bulb and sautee in coconut oil and serve in a salad. Fennel has a delicious light licorice taste.

Fresh delivery of organic produce is popping up all over the country. If you live here in Los Angeles, I recommend Farm Fresh to You. You can fill out a form on line, choose the amount that fits your needs and omit items that you do not want. You will still be surprised by getting what is in season and available that week.

You can go to or call 1-800-796-6009. Get $10 off your first order by telling them you were referred by and using the promo code 6164

Look for a delivery service straight from the farm in your area. It is a convenient way to get the highest quality organic fruits and veggies that slow down the aging process.