Are these Ingredients in Your Skin Care?

Your skin is your largest organ, so you need to nourish it, just like you should the rest of your body. Did you know that the fastest way to get anything into your bloodstream is through your skin? So when it comes to skin and body care products, I read the labels just like I do food labels.

Here are my top ingredients to avoid:

**Mineral Oil – A by-product of petroleum production. I guess the industry had all this stuff laying around and said “let’s sell it and make money even though it does more harm than good”. The main reason many companies put it in their skin care is because it is a cheap filler and it has a shelf life of forever. Mineral oil is occlusive, so when you put it on your skin, your skin cannot absorb it, therefore it coats your skin and more importantly your skin can not breathe and release toxins.

**Lanolin – Did you know that lanolin is sheep sweat? Yes, it is a yellow waxy substance secreted by the sebaceous glands of sheep. Lanolin can be irritating to the skin and may even leach nutrients from the skin. High quality skin care products do not use lanolin.

**Parabens – A preservative found in skin care, baby care products, shampoo, toothpaste, and shaving gels. Parabens can mimic the hormone estrogen, which is known to play a role in the development of breast cancers and can cause early puberty in girls. Also in the July 2002 issue of the Archives of Toxicology, Dr. S. Oishi of the Department of Toxicology, Tokyo Metropolitan Research Laboratory of Public Health reported that exposure of newborn male mammals to butylparaben “adversely affects the secretion of testosterone and the function of the male reproductive system”.

Where can you get skin and body care products free of this junk? I love this line of products, they are:

  • Paraben Free
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Lanolin Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • 100% Vegetarian

Back in the 1960s the Stearn Family discovered that Vitamin E was just as effective applied topically to the skin, hence the name Derma – E. This was the beginning of this family run company based in Simi Valley, California.

I was first introduced to this line of products by Dr. Susan Lark who writes a women’s health newsletter. She said that the most important anti-aging ingredients are DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and Ester C. So I checked out Derma – E and was very impressed with the company, they are green and they give back (they have a charity that helps the people of Paraguay). Most of all I loved that all their products are high quality at a very low cost.

I also bought the Psorzema Crème for my husband’s eczema and it really worked!

This is a great product line for the whole family. You can buy it in most health food stores, but I think you get the freshest product by ordering it directly from the company online.

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