Facial Mask and It's Cheap!

Amazing Facial Mask and It’s Cheap!

I first heard about this amazing clay called PASCALITE clay from Dr. David Williams who writes the Alternatives Newsletter. Dr. Williams literally travels the world looking for natural cures. I have received his newsletter for years.

I was so intrigued with what I read about Pascalite clay that I ordered some and I love it!

It makes the most amazing facial mask. I notice a visible difference in my skin right after I use it. Best of all it is soooo inexpensive!!!!!

AND it has sooo many uses…

Burns, facial pack, deodorant, diaper rash, infections, oral hygiene, digestive aid/colon cleanse , dietary/mineral supplement/detoxifier (Pascalite is full of Iron, Calcium and Magnesium)spider bites and bee stings, acne and other skin problems.

I use it mostly as a mask, just add a little bit of water to the powder and then spread on your face avoiding the eye area, and let it dry for about 20 minutes…you will literally feel the clay come alive and pull the impurities out of your skin. You can use the same paste on your entire body or on bug bites, let it dry and then rinse off. I also like to sprinkle it in my bath, and sometimes I do use it as a toothpaste. Pascalite sells many products made out of the clay but I prefer to buy the powder because it is so versatile.


The healing properties of clay have been used for thousands of years….Cleopatra used a clay mask as part of her daily beauty regimen and the Aztec Indians used it to heal many ailments. Today many natureopaths use clay to treat arthritis.


Pascalite clay was discovered in the early 1930s in Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountain by a trapper named Pascal. Next to the lake where he had set up traps was a whitish, cheese-like substance that Pascal’s chapped hands got coated in. He decided to wait until he got back to his cabin to wash off his hands. He discovered that his chapped hands were much better.


Pascal and his friend Ray Pendergraft devoted the rest of their lives to making Pascalite available to people all over the world. Ray’s family continues his time-honored methods. Pascalite is still hand-mined to avoid contamination, then solar-dried through the winter at its’ high mountain source. The clay is then trucked to the Pascalite, Inc. facility in Worland where it is ground to a fine powder. All the Pascalite products are hand-processed, assuring the highest quality and consistency.


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