A Face Cream that Lives Up to the Hype

This cream really works and you probably have never even heard of it because it is not sold in stores. There is only one website you can get it from.

aminocare cream

AminoCare is only sold on Dr. Julian Whitaker’s website www.drwhitaker.com

I have been using it for over a year and saw results within a day or two. I have told many friends and family about it and they all say the same thing….my skin looks great…my wrinkles are going away. Wow!

The other thing I love about it is that there is only 1 cream to use…morning and night…I use it on my face, my neck and my crows feet area. It won’t break the bank either especially if you buy a 3 month supply for $129.

Now for the science….AminoCare was actually created by Dr. Stanislaw Burziynski who has become famous for his incredible success with treating brain cancer. He found that some of his same discoveries that treat cancer have the ability to reverse and slow down the aging process. Peptides and amino acid derivatives named antineoplastons, which were developed by Stanislaw R. Burzynski, M.D., Ph.D. are believed to work as molecular switches, turning on inactive tumor suppressor genes, as well as other genes silenced during the aging process. Components that are similar to these antineoplastons are the active ingredients found in AminoCare skin care which help genetically on the molecular level to reverse signs of aging.

Most of you know that I am really “in” to skin care. I don’t understand the science behind AminoCare but I certainly understand “reverse the signs of aging”. Over the years I have tried many different skin care products, but none of them has worked as well and as fast as AminoCare.

I believe you have got to take care of your skin, just like you take care of your teeth or your hair or even your car. My “Granny” had a skin care business for over 60 years in Stillwater, Oklahoma so of course my Mom grew up being taught the importance of taking care of your skin and she definitely taught the same thing to me and my sisters.

We were not allowed out of the house without our makeup, not for vanity reasons, but to protect our skin from the sun.

I want you to know that when my Granny passed away at age 86, she did not have a wrinkle on her…sagging skin, but NO wrinkles. Pretty amazing.

How did I hear about AminoCare? I read Suzzanne Sommer’s book “Knockout” which is about doctors all over the United States who are not just treating but healing cancer WITHOUT chemo, radiation or even surgery. She talks about Dr. Burziynski and how she uses his skin care. I looked it up and was so intrigued I ordered some. BTW Knockout is a great book and if you know someone with cancer tell them to get this book and the books by Bill Henderson and The Gerson Therapy books and do their own research before they choose a treatment. (I learned this the hard way…but that’s another story for another day)

I love hearing from my readers, so let me know if you have heard of AminoCare or if you use AminoCare let me know what you think.