4 Fashion Trends That May Harm Your Health

Are your fashion choices ruining your health? I read this great article on care2.com and thought wow some of today’s fashions are possibly causing terrible short and long term health issues. I am even guilty of a few. Read on and learn if you are sacrificing your health just to be fashionable.

4 Fashion Trends That May Harm Your Health

by Jordyn Cormier

Some women will do whatever it takes to keep up with fashion’s latest trends. However, should they be concerned about the health risks of these sometimes extreme styles? Here are 4 common trends to avoid…

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans. If you feel constricted when you sit down, those skinny jeans are too tight. What’s the harm? Tight skinny jeans can place unwanted pressure on vital spinal nerves. The Canadian Medical Association Journal published findings that tight jeans can clamp down the lateral femoral nerve, leading to a tingly, numb feeling known as meralgia paresthetica compression. To avoid this, try to purchase mid rise, slightly stretchy pants that don’t place too much pressure on the abdomen. Also, try to choose pants made from mostly breathable materials like cotton or linen to avoid yeast and fungal infections.

Bad feet

High heels. They may make your legs look longer and leaner, but high heeled shoes throw off the balance of your entire body. Rather than your body weight being dispersed evenly throughout your foot, it is forced forward, which puts a lot of dangerous strain and pain on your knees, hips, and lower back. Also watch out for painful bunions from tight-fitting shoes. It is okay to wear high heels on occasion, just try to avoid wearing them every day. On the other hand, don’t think ballet flats are the answer either. Their lack of structure and support can lead to achilles tendon inflammation, calf tightness, and plantar fasciitis. Be sure to stretch out your calves if you wear ballet flats. Otherwise, try to alternate between shoes styles often.

Huge purses. Daily use of heavy bags can lead to speedy inflammation and wear of the shoulder joint. Chronic, one-sided use can lead to imbalanced back muscles and a slanted, disfigured posture. This can lead to all sorts of back pain down the line. To avoid this, try to carry lighter bags (under 10 lbs.) whenever possible and be sure to switch shoulders often.

Thick waist belts/corsets. Anything that holds tight on your tummy is pressing in on your internal organs and weakening your abdominal muscles. This can lead to numerous digestive issues including heartburn as well as weaker bladder control. To prevent this, keep your core strong with abdominal exercises, wear thin, waist-skimming belts, and wear body-hugging shapewear on special occasions only.
Don’t worry! You don’t have to give up on fashion to care about your health. Just be smart about what you wear, and try not to get too dependent on any one style or trend. If you take the proper precautions, you’ll be able to strut down that runway or sidewalk for years to come — rather than stylishly limp.

Jordyn CormierJordyn Cormier is a choreographer, freelance writer, and an avid outdoors woman. Having received her B.F.A. in Contemporary Dance from the Boston Conservatory, she is passionate about maintaining a healthy body, mind, and soul through food and fitness. A lover of adventure, Jordyn can often be found hiking, canoeing, mountain biking, and making herself at home in the backcountry! Check out what else Jordyn has been up to at jordyncormier.com.

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Are you guilty of any harmful fashion trends? Nothing, not even fashion is worth sacrificing your health or your ageless beauty.