Drastically Reduce Risk of Ovarian Cancer

3 Anti-Aging Foods Drastically Reduce Risk of Ovarian Cancer

Last night I was going through the Dr. Oz shows that I recorded and came across his show on Ovarian Cancer. Guess what, now there is proof, you can eat to defeat cancer before you ever get it!! Well we really already knew that, at least the alternative world does. Thank goodness this info is beginning to go mainstream. We now have a real doctor going on national TV spreading the word. I say bravo!!

Dr. Oz’s guest, Dr. William Li announced that there are three foods that reduce the risk of ovarian cancer by as much as 75%. These same foods also slow down the aging process. What a big bang for your food buck!

Belgian Endive, onions, and fish all greatly reduce your risk of one of the most silent deadly cancers among women.

A study of 62,000 women in the Netherlands showed that those who ate ½ cup of belgian endive two times a week had a whopping 75% reduction in the risk of ovarian cancer. Endive has a natural cancer fighter called kaempferol (also found in spinach, kale and broccoli). When cancer cells are exposed to kaempferol they die. Kaempferol also starves cancer by cutting off the blood supply.

Belgian Endive is loaded with vitamin C which fights the inflammation that causes aging. It is also high in fiber and has hardly any calories. (1/2 cup = 4 calories) You can chop up the leaves and put in a salad, or use them in place of chips and crackers for dips.

Onions are packed with natural cancer fighters and reduce the risk of many cancers including ovarian cancer by as much as 30%. Choose red onions, they are 60% more powerful than white or yellow onions. Boiling onions reduces the natural cancer fighter, so eat them raw or lightly sauteed in olive oil. Dr. Li recommends ½ cup every day. Raw red onions are delicious on sandwiches, or in guacamole or salads. You can also sautee them with a little olive oil and put them on eggs, organic grass fed hamburgers, organic chicken or fish.



The same Omega 3’s that I talked about in “Brain Booster and Mood Lifter” that are great for your heart, brain, skin, hair and nails also reduce your risk of ovarian cancer by 30%. The Omega 3’s starve the cancer by cutting off the blood supply. The fish highest in Omega 3 is Wild Salmon, Sardines, Mackerel and Herring. Dr. Li recommends you eat 4ozs. five times a week. If you are not in to eating that much fish you can do what I do and take 1 teaspoon a day of Pharmax Fish Oil with essence of orange oil . (see blog entry “Brain Booster and Mood Lifter”)

Dr. Li is part of an amazing nonprofit movement to improve health through cancer-fighting foods. U2’s The Edge is just one of many people working to spread the word. I want to do my part too. Please tell everyone you know about www.EatToDefeat.org.

For more info on this subject go to www.droz.com or www.EatToDefeat.org

If you have a family history of ovarian cancer or are concerned about symptoms check out Dr. Oz’s Ovarian Cancer One-Sheet questionaire.

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